Previous speakers

Kathrynn Leverette

kathrynn leverette

Kathrynn came from the charity Action on Hearing Loss and spoke to us on its services. She was a charming guest and had brought a range of activities to keep us on our toes! We learnt a little sign language and we also found out how to look after our own hearing. a very interesting talk.

David Hebden

david hebden

David came to talk to us about the excellent work that the Yorkshire Air Ambulance does, he told us of their new base and distances the helicopters covers in our area. The service provided by the Yorkshire Air Ambulance has been used by two of our members and is a charity very close to our club's heart. We are always amazed by the cost of running such a service and the amount needed through fund raising each year. A worthy cause and David was a marvelous speaker.


Kim Storey

kim storey

Kim came to speak to us about a brain training method she in working in called HANDLE which helps people with Tourettes Syndrome, Autism etc. She gave us a few fun practical demonstrations with hula hoops and curly straws. A very interesting talk.

Nigel Hamilton-Evans

nigel hamilton evans

Nigel came to speak to us about his life in catering, and some of the 'disasters' he'd come across along the way. He was the catering manager at Leeds Utd. and this time had provided him with wealth of hilarious tales. His ability to tell a funny story was outstanding and he had the audience in stitches. An excellent speaker!

Audrey Raper

audrey raper

Audrey came to speak to us about Spinal Muscular Atrophy, an inherited neuromuscular condition. It was a wonderfully heart-felt talk. She delivered the difficult subject with care and passion, leaving the audience with a lot of thinking to do and a lot of questions. For more information on this cause see the website

Wing Commander Dave Keighley


Dave is Station Commander of Fylingdales and was presented with a variety of questions before visiting us...He managed to weave the answers to these into a very entertaining talk which was presented in an exceptionally professional manner, supported by slides. He had the whole room laughing during his well thought out and well delivered presentation. An excellent speaker.

Sianagh Gallagher - Paraclimber


Sianagh came to talk about her life in climbing... And what a life it's been! Born with only one arm she's pushed herself to become one of the top para-rock climbers in the world. Regularly competing for Great Britain at the very highest levels internationally. Sianagh spoke with slides and photos to illustrate her talk. For someone of only 17 years old she was an outstanding speaker, this girl will go far!


Richard Seed


Richard came to talk to us about Martin House Children's Hospice in Leeds. He was the founder of this charity, and he explained how he was inspired to start it  He told touching stories to help us understand the entire process of treatment and care provided at Martin House. They care for both children and teenagers in ways unique to their needs. The hospice pay special attention to looking after the entire family not just the pension who is ill.

A very heartfelt and moving talk about an amazing charity. 

Paul Harvey rtn


Paul Harvey came to speak to us about his experiences of polio treatment in India. Paul spoke clearly and passionately about his time in the Subcontinent vaccinating children mainly under the age of five. He illustrated his talk with a beautiful range of photos which clearly showed the excellent work done by Rotary and its work against polio. At present the world has only three countries with polio remaining and that is due to the impossibility of vaccinators to access those areas due to warfare etc. 

Rosie Dunn


Rosie Dunn from the NFU came to speak to us. She is a local farmer with a mixed farm of about 400 acres. She explained how she came into farming, right from her student days to her first farm in Cambridgeshire to her return to a tenancy in Yorkshire. She is also the northern east regional chairperson for the NFU

Robert Coates


Robert gave an amusing and educational talk about the Ryedale School of Music and his musical background. He started teaching music in Malton and has  developed that to a teaching practice and small music shop. He has toured with school children to Austria and other countries. 

Robert brought a range of musical instruments for us to hear and played them for us. He explained about their construction and history.

These instruments were the flute, the clarinet, the saxophone, the cornet, the trumpet  And the TOILET!

We had tunes from Aker Bilk and The Pink Panther etc. 

Dave Jones - Chief Constable


Dave Jones Chief Constable came to talk to us. He told us about his background in Northern Ireland and Manchester. He kept his talk very witty. He explained how the police is trying to be responsive and told some very meaningful stories about how much good work the police service is doing and how North Yorkshire is the safest county in the country. The are 300,000 incidents a year dealt with by the NY police and 17% reduction in crime and anti social behaviour this year. An excellent talk with good solid answers to our questions. Staff Officer Fiona Willey also attended.

Carol Hunt


Carol came to speak to us about her role as a medical centre practice manager. She began by explaining to us the ethos and funding of Pickeiring Medical Practice.

 The role of the practices' GPs was explained and the contractual obligations of the practice was described. She also told us about the emergency care practitioner based in the surgery, who is part of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service. 

Stephen Ellis rtn.


Stephen came to talk to us about Shelterbox

Shelterbox send emergency relief to people in disaster areas and in these boxes are specialist tents, pots and pans, stoves, clothing, mosquito nets and everything else for families in need. These disasters vary from flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis etc. and each of these require different reactions, equipment and skills from shelterbox response team members. 

Stephen told us of the work shelterbox does, the content of each box, how they are stored and distributed, he had several videos to illustrate the boxes' usefulness in the field. 

Sofie Hopkins - Biathlete


Sofie came to talk to us about her biathlon training which is a combination shooting and skiing race. Britain has never won these events at an international level...yet. She has unfortunately received some negative responses from some of the governing bodies, but managed to prove them wrong and exceeded even her own expectations to become junior British champion. She has a dream of become first british biathlete to get a podium spot and she is looking for sponsorship to progress her sport and help her training.

Chris Elmore


Chris is a relatively new Rotarian who gave us his job talk. He started working with a building firm in Leeds before starting his own firm.
Whilst working he studied at night school for six years three nights and one day a week. He then moved jobs and got the title of 'taker offer and worker upper'. He had a little more time to play golf and improve his handicap to eleven and win a few medals and trophies. He then was offered a job back at Leeds and away from housing to supermarkets and hospitals etc. He then started his own business and had some wonderful clients. Chris has a very strong scouting background both as a scout and scout leader. An excellent talk from a man who clearly loved his career, was exceptionally professional throughout it and enjoyed leaving his clients satisfied.


Derek Haswell


Derek came to talk to us about his childhood memories of WWII. He told us about how this time affected his family and his school life.

Barry Pollard


Barry came to talk to us about Changing young lives in Nepal, a literacy and economic regeneration project he is involved with which is partnered with the rotary club of Himalayan Gurkhas.

Roy Pawsey


Roy Pawsey came to talk to us about his working on the night shift at York Minster
He's a been a tour guide in the minster and in the city of York as well.

Stewart Bates


Stewart came to talk to us about his time as a pilot on Concorde, his stories were backed up excellently with a history of the plane and the slides and videos he showed were very clever and insightful. His talk was far too short for his subject and his audience could have listened for hours. All around one of the best speakers we ever had.

Madeline Hudson


Maddie came to talk to us about her  life in music, from her background in Dublin to eventually settling in Hutton le Hole.

She started her proffessional career with a broadcasting orchestra where she met Gareth her husband in Ireland.

Sarah Lally-Marley


Sarah came to speak to us about her role as Community Development Officer for Ryedale Voluntary Action. Ryedale Voluntary Action (RVA) is a registered charity working across Ryedale providing voluntary and community support.

John Dewar


John is one of the owners of Third Energy a gas supplier just starting two new drilling locations near to Pickering. He came to speak to us and was very entertaining. he had an excellent style with a clear, no nonsense manner that his audience appreciated with such a potentially serious subject. A very interesting and educational talk.

Julia Mulligan


Julia came to speak to us for an evening meeting about the very interesting topic of policing in North Yorkshire. The turnout that evening was good, so the pressure was on for a performance...and she didn't disappoint. Julia was an excellent speaker, who was happy to take any question the audience could think of.

Eddie James


Eddie came to speak to us about the Ryedale branch of the Christian organisation he works with called The Besom. Their aim is to 'sweep away suffering' and build 'a bridge between those who want to give and those in need'.

Kate Oakley


Kate came to tell us about the hard work she has been doing out in Uganda, where she has helped to establish a farm school at Kanuzinda in the village of Kititi.

Emma McKenzie


Emma is the Development Officer & Events Co-ordinator at Ryedale Folk Museum and came to speak to us about the work the museum is currently doing, particulaly the Harrison Exhibition with its very local roots. The museum sounds like it also has a lot of events in the pipeline.

John Porter


John came to talk to us from the RNLI base in Scarborough and his illustrated talk was perfectly balanced with humour. It was amazing to hear the history of the RNLI and also a little about the amount of work and callouts the have to do for the funding they receive.

David Capes


Dr David Capes gave us his eagerly awaited job talk today. It was a well organised affair, with a slick powerpoint presentation to accompany it. He started with a background of the medical practices in Pickering and Thornton le Dale and then moved onto his personal history as a GP, which due to time constraints was all too brief.

Martin Watts

Martin Watts from the VSO

Martin came to speak to us about his upcoming trip to the Gambia, where he'll be working as a development volunteer with VSO for the Ministry of Agriculture. He'll be leaving on the 6th of March for a year and if his talk is anything to go by, he's very prepared!

John Manchester


John came and spoke to us about Syria before its current troubles and his stories and descriptions were amusing and enlightening.

Peter & Bathsheba Hartrey


Peter & Bathsheba came to speak to us about their trekking in Nepal, specifically about two trips they went on in 1991 and 1992 to the Mustang region which is bordered on three sides by Tibet.

Simon Kershaw


During the Ladies Lunch our very own Rotarian Simon Kershaw talked to us about wine. A subject on which he is more than a little knowledgeable, with his background in the wine busines. It was amazing to hear how the different ways of serving can have such a huge effect on the taste. We were all left wanting to know more. An excellent, humourous talk.

Adam Wilton


Adam came to speak to us primarily about his expedition to the Antarctic (article here), but also covered the very interesting topic of the Antarctic Heritage Trust of which he is a trustee.

Ken Gill


Ken came to speak to us from Ryedale Community Transport, where he works as Operations Manager. He explained the important role the charity plays in our area as a provider of a minibus and car service.

Rob Davies


Rob Davies the Funding Coordinator for Ryedale Special Families gave a most informative talk to Rotary. Ryedale Special families was founded in 1990 and is based in Old Malton. It is administrated and run by 12 family trustees.

Sarah Ware


Sarah came to speak to us about the charity she works for as the North Yorkshire Host Co-ordinator and Community Fundraiser.